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Monday, September 21, 2009

Etsy for Autism Gets Plug for Autism Awareness!

Our Team got a great plug, a kudos from Etsy's The Storque

Today, September 21st. 2009, our Etsy For Autism Global Street team got a great plug for Autism Awareness when Etsy user Kestrell wrote an article in the Etsy Blog: The Storque, Art and Activism: Etsy Products for People with Disabilities.

Kestrell wrote about her own loss of eyesight and then featured different items she came across while shopping at Etsy sites.

Last week we sold two necklaces to a buyer that turned out to be Kestrell, the author of this article in The Storque.
It just goes to prove how important our tags for listings really are and that one never know who is visiting their Etsy Shop.

Click on the above image of the front page of The Storque, for the complete article.

Below is one of the necklaces that Kestrell purchased from Sarahbushka's Art Career collection, which Kestrell featured in her article. Scroll to the bottom of the article and you will find the link to "Items from Etsy For Autism."