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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Show Your "Awe"tism Awareness Challenge

This summer, let your "awe"tism show by sharing your newest ideas, experiences, struggles and joys.

My son Alex turns 19 in July and we are celebrating his birthday by teaching him to use the digital camera (I am learning, too). At first he would just point and shoot one time and hand the camera back to me. The photo would come out blurry and with a thumb print. Before I could tell him to try the next shot, he was already back on the computer.

Somehow, I needed to show Alex the connection between him and the photo. So, one day I went next door to my neighbor's yard and saw her small homemade birdbath.

Alex was with me and often likes to find little objects I hide in our yard. I moved the angel into her birdbath and took a photo. Alex saw me do this and then took another photo. I immediately took the disc out of the camera and loaded some photos. There was his angel photo.

Homemade Birdbath
It was better than mine!

For the first time, I saw a smile on his face. I had made the connection. We posted the photos on Etsy.

Red Lily 

My challenge to you is to share your connections this summer on our blog. And to look at the photo of the angel in the birdbath closely.

Respond by commenting below, and answer the following question: When was the last time you created a piece of art from something that was broken? The most creative response to the photo will receive a special gift from Alex.

You have until July 30 to respond. Alex and his teacher will pick the best response. So, let's start sharing our creativity and "awe"tism now.

Thanks for your support,
Diana (mom of Alex of Alex's Art Loft)